Inception : 2000

The Jamaica Dental Mission started during spring break of 2000 with a group of approximately 20 volunteers comprising third/fourth year dental students, one faculty from Southern Illinois University School of Dental and a local dentist from Saint Louis, Missouri.  Dental services were delivered at local community health centers in Montego Bay, Mount Carey and Hanbury Home for Children in Mandeville, Jamaica.  The service at Hanbury home was discontinued in 2006.  The Jamaica Dental Mission typically operates three dental clinics simultaneously.  Since 2006, the three main sites are Kew Park Elementary School (rural field clinic) in Westmoreland, Jamaica, Flankers Health Center (inner city clinic in Montego Bay) St. James and Cambridge Health Center (rural clinic) in Saint James Parish.  During several Jamaica Dental Mission, the staff at the Royal DeCameron Montego Bay were treated on site at the hotel.

  • Founder and Director: Dwight E. McLeod, DDS, MS
  • Incorporated: 2011
  • Partnership: Southern Illinois University School of Pharmacy led by Dr. James Christopher Lynch
  • Local Sponsors: Kew Park Elementary School; Rotary Club of Montego Bay East, and Rotary Club of Savana-la-Mar
  • Local Supporters: The principal and teachers of Kew Park Elementary School, community leaders and volunteers of Kew Park, Flankers and Cambridge