Jamaica Dental Mission

The Jamaica Dental Mission is committed to promoting oral health literacy, access to dental care, and well-being for underserved populations with the goal to develop strong community relationships while creating exceptional educational, humanitarian and cultural experiences for volunteers and delivering superior quality of care for patients.

Long-Term Goals

  1.  Develop a highly structured and functional preventive oral health program to meet the needs of school children and adults in the underserved areas of western Jamaica and beyond.
  2. Support of the local school districts and surrounding community to promote oral health literacy.
  3. Place strong focus on educating children and parents as well as instituting an effective preventive program that will reduce the prevalence of dental caries and periodontal disease.
  4. Work toward establishing a life-long partnership with the Jamaican government and to utilize innovation and creative methods to improve the quality of oral health and well-being of all Jamaicans.
  5. Acquire resources that will lead to long-term sustainability
  6. Maintain a balanced dental mission that promotes shared vision and goals, inter and intraprofessional education, collegiality, mutual respect, strong ethics/professionalism, clinical education, community service, and the delivery of the highest standard of care for the at risk populations that we serve
  7. Develop and nurture strong relationships with the Jamaica Ministry of Health, local community leaders and educators, stakeholders and the local Rotary Clubs (Montego Bay East & Savanna-la-Mar) that have supported us since the inception of the Jamaica Dental Mission

Intermediate Goals

  1. To solicit funds to build a dental clinic that will be equipped to deliver comprehensive dental care to children and adults in the rural community of Kew Park, Westmoreland
  2. To expand and refurbish the inner city dental clinic at Flankers Health Center in Montego Bay
  3. To expand and refurbish the rural dental clinic at Cambridge, St. James
  4. To upgrade and refurbish Kew Park Elementary School thereby enhancing the teaching and learning environment for teachers and students at Kew Park Elementary School

Short-Term Goal

  1. To make the next Jamaica Dental Mission an exceptional and unforgettable educational, clinical, humanitarian, cultural and balanced experience for all volunteers while constantly improving the quality and types of services that we provide.